Skin ageing is a gradual process perceived by changes in the appearance and texture of the skin.These changes are a consequence of the passing of time (chrono aging or intrinsic aging), exposure to solar radiation (photoaging), lifestyle and other environmental or external factors.

Thus, skin aging does not always match the chronological age, but reflects the skins biological age.According to the aging scientific approach defined by Dr. Glogau, skin aging can be classified in 4 degrees that gradually reflect the intensity of the epidermal and dermal damage.

The 4 degrees of aging should be treated differently and gradually. As a result, Mesoestetic® has different specific products for preventative to corrective solutions in order to answer each skin need.

Please note: Add Ons’ are important to achieve the dire you’re after.

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Mesoestetic Age Element Treatment


meso[epigen] system

The first antiaging complex with proven epigenetic action.
 Combats aging from its origin: acts by modulating epigenetic mechanisms to recover the regenerating and proliferating activity of the skin.
– Corrects the visible signs of aging: provides a firmer, brighter and visibly younger skin.

3 epigenetic active ingredients with synergistic antiaging action.

Shikimic acid – Cell longevity and DNA protection. Activates SIRT1, the youth protein.
Maslinic acid  Moisturising, firmness and redensification. Increases the expression of structural genes such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.
Isoquercetin – Antioxidant action. Protects the skin from free radicals and enhances skin radiance.


100% customised protocol from a unique diagnostic system: age element diagnosis system.

  • Provides maximum results.
  • Increases treatment adherence.
  • Builds unique experiences in each session.

age element diagnosis system TM
Innovative diagnostic technology that analyses the variables involved in the skin aging process, considering the needs of each patient, their life habits and the conditions they would like to improve, and defines a personalised anti-aging treatment.

3. INTEGRAL: Covers all 5 essential phases of an antiaging treatment

Phase 1 – Diagnosis: analyses the variables involved in the skin aging process, and defines a customised protocol for each client.
Phase 2 – Preparation: hygiene and make-up removal phase.
Phase 3 – Stimutlation: phase of renewal to enhance epidermal regeneration and optimise penetration of the active ingredients applied subsequently.
Phase 4 – Activation: customised contribution phase based on the degree of aging and visible signs of age in the skin. Enhances radiance and firmness. Reduces wrinkles and provides density.
Phase 5 – Boosting: customised boosting phase to provide extra supplemental active ingredients to those used in the activation phase.