A Consultation is compulsory 4 days prior to any tattooing procedure

No tattooing shall be done under the age of 18

Touch-ups are recommended after your first procedure or your current tattoo to enhance its full potential


Microblading/Feather Touch, 3D – Hand tool, the illusion of real hair strokes that are created by hand with a special tattoo blade through your natural brow or a created brow by the strokes.

Shading/Powder – Machine used, to create a soft powder look or shading on the skin.

Ombre – Machine used, soft faded fronts whilst the rest of the brow is shaded.

Combination – Hand tool and machine used, hair strokes at the front of the brow with shade in the main brow.

Consultations are compulsory prior to any tattooing. See top of the page.



Top Liner – Machine used, to create a full-length line close to your natural lashes as possible.

Bottom Liner – Machine used, to create a line either small or long line as close to your lower lash line.

Consultations are compulsory prior to any tattooing. See top of the page.



Full Lips – Machine used, full lips are coloured with your desired colour.

Liner – Machine used, liner around your natural lip.

Full Lips with Lip Liner – Machine used full lips colour with your desired colour enhanced with a line on the outside of your lips.

Consultations are compulsory prior to any tattooing see the message at the top of the page.



New Tattoo – All cosmetic tattooing needs a minimal of 6 weeks to recover. This is an important part as your brows, eyeliner or lips needs a little more colour to enhance them further. Sometimes we need a little correction too as your skin may not hold the pigment and fades in areas, hence the importance of your touch up.

Previous – or Current tattoo/s need enhancement too. They only last for so long and colours can change over time. This is due to UV exposure, vitamins, deficiencies and/or poor quality pigment.


The first step of Scalpa removal treatment is similar to the process of traditional tattooing but instead of applying the pigment, it will be removed using the Scalpa Machine and Scalpa Saline Solution. This will puncture the top layer of skin, opening the area. Scalpa Salt paste is then applied to the area, drawing the pigment to the skin’s surface for removal of the ink.

A 4-by-4-inch area is the maximum size of treatment in one sitting. Clients should expect one to four procedures before they see the desired results. With this method of removal, clients can expect the tattoo to become lighter, but a full removal should not be expected in all cases. The skin can be re-tattooed after the treatment area heals.




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