Cosmetic Tattoo

All Over Beauty Clinic specialises in and offer a range of cosmetic tattooing procedures and removal. We understand that no face is the same and that there is no set standard in beauty.
If you are considering permanent makeup, a consultation is required prior to any cosmetic tattooing procedure. This allows us to assess your skin and understand what you would like to achieve in order for us to deliver the best results possible!
Find out more about our cosmetic tattooing services below.

A Consultation is compulsory 4 days prior to any tattooing procedure.

No tattooing shall be done on persons under the age of 18

Touch-ups are recommended after your first procedure or your current tattoo to enhance its full potential.

PLEASE NOTE: “Touch-up” prices are available only to clients who had their initial cosmetic tattoo with All Over Beauty Clinic. 

Eyebrow Tattoo

Microblading, Feather Touch & 3D: Hand tool procedure, create the illusion of real hair strokes that are created with a special tattoo blade through your natural brow or creating a full natural brow.

Ombre: Machine procedure that creates soft, faded fronts whilst the rest of the brow is shaded, creating a natural ombre look.

Combination: Hand tool and machine procedure, hair strokes at the front of the eyebrow with shade in the main brow.

Consultations are compulsory prior to any tattooing. See top of the page.

Eyeliner Tattoo

Top Liner: Machine used to create a full-length line close as possible to your natural lashes.

Bottom Liner: Machine used to create a line either small or long as close to your lower lash line as possible.

Consultations are compulsory prior to any tattooing. See top of the page.

Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

Full Lips: Full lips are tattooed with your desired colour.

Liner: Liner is tattooed around your natural lip.

Full Lips with Lip Liner: Full coloured lips with your desired colour and enhanced with a liner on the outline of your lips.

Consultations are compulsory prior to any tattooing see the message at the top of the page.

Cosmetic Tattoo Touch-Up

New Tattoos: All cosmetic tattooing requires a minimum of 6 weeks to recover and is important to see how much more colour is needed to apply to your eyebrows, lips or eyeliner. Touchups may sometimes be required if your skin does not hold the pigment and fades in some areas.

Previous and Current Tattoos: Enhancements may be needed as colours can change or fade over time. This may be due to UV exposure, supplements, deficiencies and/or poor quality pigment.


  • All Cosmetic Tattoo Consultations $50.00


  • Tattoo Brow Wax Only $35.00
  • Micro/Feather/3D $500.00
  • Shading/Powder $400.00
  • Ombre $400.00
  • Combination $550.00
  • Correction From $300.00


  • Top Liner $400.00
  • Bottom Liner $150.00
  • Top & Bottom Liner $500.00


  • Liner ONLY $250.00
  • Full Lip $400.00
  • Full Lip & Liner $500.00


  • Touch Up – AOBC clients only $150.00

Saline Tattoo Removal

  • 4×4 Area $220.00