Dermatonics Clinical Facial Treatments

We use the highest quality products with result-driven treatments are provided by Dermatonics.
We cater to all skin concerns including acne, dry, oily, ageing and dull skin etc.
The best part is… the entire Dermatonics skincare range is available in-store and online.

We believe in the level of quality and expectations of this skincare brand.

Please note: Add-ons are an important part to achieve the dire you’re after. Add-ons are available for all of the clinical facials.

Hydrating Facial

Amazing butters and clays that are specifically chosen to hydrate and soothe the skin. Restore hydration and revitalize the skin. Truly rejuvenating and made with All Australian Native active ingredients. Suitable for: Dry, Sensitive skin types.

Collagen Boosting & Antioxidant Facial

Distinct intense treatment. The products in this facial are powerful antioxidants and collagen-boosting actives to aid rejuvenation of your skin cells. LED Light Therapy included in this treatment. All Australian Native Ingredients. Suitable for: All skin types.

Pigmentation & Brightening Active Facial

A revitalising active treatment that helps improve skin tone and pigmentation. Products used are actives that aid with reducing pigmentation over time, boosting natural antioxidants and help prevent future hyperpigmentation development. All Australian Native Ingredients. Suitable for: Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation and Dull skin types.

Clearskin Active Facial

Unique active treatment that helps to improve and prevent breakouts. These products are critical actives to aid acne-prone and oily skin. LED Light Therapy included in this treatment. All Australian Native Ingredients. Suitable for: Oily, Acne-prone skin types.

Sensitive & Calming Facial

Designed active treatment to deliver actives and calm/soothe sensitive or mildly inflamed skin. The products are specific actives that aid to help repair the skin’s barrier and hydrate the skin. Boosting natural antioxidants and help to calm inflammation. This treatment is excellent for rosacea-prone or eczema-prone skin. All Australian Native Ingredients. Suitable for: Dry, Rosacea-prone, Eczema-prone and Inflammed skin types.

  • Hydrating Facial $130.00
  • Collagen Boosting & Antioxidant Facial $130.00
  • Pigmentation & Brightening Active Facial $150.00
  • Dermatonics Clearskin Active Facial $150.00
  • Sensitive & Calming Facial $150.00

All Dermatonics facials include a 20 minute LED Light Therapy session.