Skin Rejuvenation

What is Skin Rejuvenation?

You may have heard of IPL and laser skin rejuvenation, but what is it really? At All Over Beauty Clinic, we offer skin rejuvenation through SSR – “Super Skin Rejuvenation” which is the latest advancement in IPL and laser technology brought together for optimal results. SSR offers faster and more effective photo rejuvenation of the skin by emitting a sequence of low energy light pulses. This non-invasive skin treatment delivers optimised levels of energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten fibroblasts to give you a glowing and tightening complexion.

Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

SSR corrects uneven skin tone, reduces fine wrinkles and minimises pores. Super Skin Rejuvenation replaces skin imperfections and concerns with newer, younger-looking skin. The advanced technology behind SSR provides a deeper and more effective treatment with minimised chances of trauma to the skin. This gentle approach means that there is no downtime and clients can immediately return to their normal daily routines.

Is Super Skin Rejuvenation the right treatment for me?

If you are concerned with the appearance of fine wrinkles, brown spots, broken capillaries and other signs of sun damage, we highly recommend SSR. Prior to every treatment, we consult each of our clients to assess their skin type and devise a treatment plan which delivers the best results. For optimal results, treatments are recommended every 4 weeks. If you would like to start your SSR journey or find out more, contact us today!

  • Face / Neck / Decolletage $250.00
  • Neck $70.00
  • Decolletage $100.00
  • Half Arms $130.00
  • Full Arms $230.00
  • Hands $75.00
  • Targeted Areas Pricing Varies